«Complete in-house control of the whole industrial process, from design to production.»
Vertical integration 

When you have an increasing number of subcontractors, their lack of reactivity and inability to adapt to your needs endangers your projects. The FISA® group has total control over the whole industrial process from design to commissioning, which means that we can genuinely guarantee that we will meet your demands in terms of costs, time and performance:
- permanent Investment in R&D : 10% of annual turnover is systematically allocated to R&D,
- products 100% designed and developed by the teams at our manufacturing facility to ensure total mastery of the final product,
- application labs situated near to our customer’s sites at our different facilities in order to be able to show you proof of the results that you will obtain,
- an in-house quality assurance service to ensure optimum production follow-up for your equipment,
- constant communication between our design office, our teams of sales engineers and our customers to consistently match your technical specifications with the manufacturing process.

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Technical-sales approach 

Thanks to several years of experience, the FISA® sales team has developed a technical sales approach to study your project step by step and to answer all your requirements.

1. Project definition this means collecting information that is essential to each customer and more particularly defining the criteria for reaching the desired level of cleanliness.

2. Lab trials – trials labs are made available to our customers in each country so that they can validate the solutions that we propose and refine their technical specifications.

3. Technical specifications: the aim is to present the customer with a global process and let them have all the information that is necessary to make their decision.

4. Corresponding commercial proposition : thanks to stages 1 to 3, we are capable of sending you a quote that matches your needs.

« The proof based on facts »: 15 application labs are used by our sales engineers to demonstrate the efficiency of this approach by showing you the real results of the process that we envisage to resolve your problem – the ideal complement to your technical specifications!

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Local & global 

FISA® is an international group that was created and developed in Europe, and is now also located in North America and Asia, which means that we can offer identical equipment and services to local customers as well as large multinational corporations.

FISA® is private equity group on a human scale that promotes values of loyalty, respect, fairness, responsibility and trust not only with our workforce but within our business relationships with our customers and partners.

The FISA® group allocates 10 % of turnover every year to Research and Development and our FISALABs department whether for material, automation, ultrasounds, software or for the trials labs that are dedicated to our customers.

In the 80s, the FISA® group chose to abandon solvents and develop innovative environmentally friendly detergent-based cleaning processes and also solutions that aim to save fluids and energy whilst recycling certain types of waste.

The FISA® group offer a range of machines and turnkey solutions that are tailor made for key market sectors, in order to bring customers high levels of added value and technology, and keep running costs under control.

Customer partnership
Every project is managed by a sales engineer who is the main contact and who will accompany the customer in their approach to analysis and investment.

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Creation of FISA® Manufacturing

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