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FISA - Nettoyage par ultrasons


Ultrasonic cleaning how does it work ? 
ultrasonic cleaning - how does it work

4 stages for complete cleanliness

Our ultrasonic cleaning machines are designed to meet all the requirements of your ultrasonic cleaning process. This process consists of several stages:

  • 1.

    The cleaning stage itself, which is carried out by means of a combination of ultrasonic action (mechanical effect), the action of the detergent process or any cleaning products (chemical effect) and the action of temperature (thermal effect),
  • 2.

    The rinsing phase, which aims to eliminate any remains of pollutants and also cleaning products and for which we use tap water and/or demineralized water depending on the criteria of customer requirements,
  • 3.

    Protection stage, which is optional and depends on the type of parts to be treated and aims to protect their surface from potential oxidation,
  • 4.

    The drying stage that can be implemented using a hot air or forced air dryer, a vacuum dryer or infrared.

Several detergent-based processes to meet all your needs:

FISA is capable of offering you a suitable solution that meets your demands for any ultrasonic cleaning applications:

  • - continuous cleaning,
  • - final cleaning,
  • - mid-stage cleaning,
  • - cleaning during maintenance operations,
  • - precision cleaning,
  • - degreasing,
  • - lapping,
  • - surfacing,
  • - surface treatment or preparation,
  • - coating,
  • - etc...
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